Public reminded to be cautious during festive season


October marks the start of the festive season and Police is calling on members of the public to take precautions in securing their properties and particularly if they own farm animals.

Public and Media Relations Officer, Fiji Police

Public and Media Relations Officer, Fiji Police

Members of the public who own livestock are advised to look after their animals well. Some reports of livestock theft received are a result of owner’s neglect where their animals wander away and they report the matter to Police saying it has been stolen.

For the last month the Western Division recorded the highest number of theft cases in September followed by Eastern and Southern Division.

“As we enter the festive season, people will be looking for ways to make easy money which is why we are requesting members of the public to take ownership of their safety,” said Police Spokesperson, Ana Naisoro.

Majority of the items stolen were mainly livestock, jewelry, mobile phones and electrical appliances according to Naisoro.

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Meanwhile, people must be aware of the easy entry points that could be used by would be opportunists and ensure efforts are made to secure their homes.

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