Sky Pacific restoration of popular channels

Premila Kumar. File Photo.

The Consumer Council of Fiji welcomes the restoration of some of the Sky Pacific channels which were removed from the pay-TV provider’s line-up on 3rd August, 2014.

This positive outcome would not have come about without ‘consumer solidarity’, displayed by the Sky Pacific subscribers since the channels were dropped early last month.

The Council is thankful to all the subscribers who came forward to register their complaints and concerns with us and for staying united in lobbying for the return of the channels. We also thank those Sky Pacific customers who had the courage to publicly raise their concerns in the media.

Day in day out, the Council’s three regional offices and social media sites were flooded with complaints from concerned Sky Pacific subscribers, who were firmly calling for the restoration of the channel line-up.

We need more of such conscious and assertive consumers who do not shy away but stand steadfast in ensuring their voices are heard. There are many other consumer issues that need the same kind of solidarity.

The Council also expresses its gratitude to Fijian Holdings Limited Chief Executive Officer Nouzab Fareed for believing that ‘customer is a king’ and working closely with Fiji Television Limited in getting the channels back.

The channels which have been brought back include: Star Plus, Nat Geo Wild, FX, Fox Crime and BBC while Fox Family Movies will be activated soon once the fibre bandwidth is sorted out.

We also thank Fiji Television Limited for acting in good-faith. We hope in future, Fiji Television will truly consult its subscribers before making a unilateral decision being the only company providing paid channels in Fiji.  Being a monopoly, the burden of responsibility for hearing the customers’ voices on Sky Pacific is even greater.

Ms. Premila Kumar



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