Sports for International Women’s Day

Caption: Sports Commission President Susie Yee at the Fiji National Council for the Disabled. Photo: FBC NEWS.


Despite of all cancelled International Women’s Day marches, the women in Sports Commission celebrated the day by introducing sports to the women of the Fiji National Council for the Disabled in Suva, today.

WIS Chairperson and Commission president Susie Yee said the purpose of the event was to get them together and introduce them to sports.

“It was really good as there were 50 participants present, and we introduced Chess and Golf to them,” she said.

Yee said the disabled women showed a lot of eagerness.

“There were five to six ladies in wheel chair which was really amazing to see. “

“Also present at the event was Charlene Nand, now president of weightlifting, and we have been encouraging these women to take part in sports, like we have been witnessing lately,” she said.

Yee later adds that they will contact the federation later on, to let them know about the capabilities of these participants.

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