Walking towards Wellness, happiness, healthiness and fun entwined with colour is how The Colour Explosion Fiji will create awareness and address Fiji’s number one killer : Non Communicable Diseases.

Supported by the Ministry of Health and aligned to the Fiji Government’s objective of reducing Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in our country, The Colour Explosion Fiji has created an exciting and new community event. Set to take off on Saturday, 31st January at 7am, this unique event, (and the first of its kind in Fiji), will include explosions of colour collaborated into a fun walk, a concept similar to ‘The Colour Run’ in overseas countries. The organisation has adapted it to allow people from all walks of life in Fiji to participate in. It can be walked, danced, skipped or jogged and it’s all about having fun.

Sponsored by General Machinery Group of Companies and Vodafone Fiji, the theme of this event is ‘Rang-De-Viti’ which means ‘Lets Colour Fiji’. The fun walk will follow a route of 5.7km beginning at Shirley Park, Lautoka. It will entail seven pit stops that will signify each of the seven colours of the Ministry of Health’s Wellness Rainbow. Each colour will represent cardiovascular diseases, malnutrition, sexual health and reproduction, mental illness, diabetes, domestic violence and cancer.

The Colour Explosion was formed by a group of Lautoka based dynamic professionals and community workers who identified an important need to highlight NCDs. All proceeds of the event will be given in kind (in terms of resources) to the Wellness Program of the Ministry of Health.  This is to assist in treating and educating rural communities. There is a team established to identify resources and equipment that the Wellness Program lacks.

Through this event, it is anticipated The Colour Explosion will inspire and motivate members of the community to take better care of their health through better dietary habits including performing regular daily exercises.

A target of 500 participants has been set, and the committee is confident it will reach their target. Participants have been confirmed from as far as Suva. It is open to register for as individuals, families, sports groups, women’s groups, youth groups, schools, NGO’s, business houses, corporations and Government departments.  A small registration fee is incurred and available on the registration forms. These registration forms are available for download from :’The Colour Explosions Facebook’ page and at all American Outlet Shops in Lautoka.

The Colour Explosion would like to humbly thank their major sponsor: General Machinery Group of Companies, and adds that it displays their concern for the general health of the people of Fiji and such epitomizes a genuine quality within the company.  Special acknowledgement and appreciation is also directed to Vodafone Fiji for stepping in and supporting this community initiative and to other businesses that have given in kind:  American Outlet, Vinod Patel and Punjas.

At the completion of the fun walk, The Ministry of Health will conduct health checks and pap smear tests for women. There will also be free dental checks available.

A lot of interest has been received and it is expected to increase further. So be there on Saturday, 31st January at 7am, Shirley Park, Lautoka. Lets all get coloured!

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