Two year old girl born with walking disability


Nadi couple, Alan and Rachael Kumar are currently calling out to the public for help after their first daughter was born with a disability that has made it hard for her to walk on her feet.

Emotional father, Alan Kumar said he is very saddened to see his two-year-old daughter, Angel Kumar in this condition.

“Angel was born with both of her feet facing inwards and up until now is unable to walk. She has been diagnosed with Bilateral Resistant CTEV which is an inversion and severe plantar flexion of both her feet,” he said.

Kumar said their daughter is the first in the family to be facing this disability.

“This is very rare in our family as no one had ever suffered from this, and my daughter is the first,” he said.

Kumar also mentioned that Angel is currently walking and running around on her knees.

“All we want is for our darling daughter Angel to walk normally like others. We will truly appreciate any donation that you can give, that will help our daughter to become one step closer to walking,” he pleaded.

Consultation Orthopedic Surgeon Joeli Mareko of the Lautoka Hospital in a letter said the patient has been examined at the hospital and the treatment was not successful.

“The above patient had been diagnosed with Congenital Talipies (CTEV Bilateral).  Severe grade was treated through the ponsetti technique at Lautoka Hospital Physiotherapy department. The treatment was not successful and she still has gross deformity,” Dr Joeli Mareko states in the letter.

The 31-years-old father said they have received some donations from people and organizations, and hopes that their daughter will get better.

The couple are trying to take their daughter to Batra Hospital, New Delhi, India for treatment in March.


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