WAF part of State efforts to alleviate poverty

CAPTION: Acting General Manager Productions Ilisoni Saladuadua addresses the chief guest Commissioner Central Division.


Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) reached out to the rural communities living in the Nausori, Tailevu and Wainibuka corridor yesterday.

Naivicula village in Tailevu home to 70 families that drew village head man Nemani Tamani was among most villagers that enquired about the rural supply scheme.

The scheme which was introduced last year offered assistance to low income earners who cannot afford the upfront fee for their connection of their new water meters.

Mr Tamani shared how the program helped clarify its efforts towards knowing the outcome of the application.

“It is such a huge relief to have all my questions answered here at the WAF booth and it really clears the confusion because water is a much needed resource in the village.

“A water supply could be taken for granted by those living in urban areas but for us this is huge it can lead to schools, businesses and commercial buildings that could enhance this communities to having an additional strand of income.

“So to be here today and have my questions answered is really empowering.”

WAF currently services 86 villages in Tailevu namely Bau, Bureta,Dawasamu,Nailega,Naloto,Namalata,Namara,Namena,Nasautoka,Nayavu,Saukasa,Tai,Taivugalei,Verata,Vugalei and Wailotua.

Mr Tamani was among crowds of people that came in droves to Gatward Park in Korovou for the three day programme.

WAF joined hands with government and other private stakeholders that were present for the Poverty Reduction Awareness campaign.

The initiative is part of government’s plans in alleviating poverty around the country and in an attempt to improve the livelihoods of those living in the rural areas.

The program provided an opportunity for stakeholders to showcase their services to the general public.

WAF public relations officer Maika Nagalu said that they were glad with the response from the public.

“Realisation of an initiative such as this boosts our operations and also assists towards the establishment and strengthening of relations with our rural customers.

“Introductions such as the rural new connection scheme can promote and facilitate recommended income generating projects.”

Nagalu said majority of issues that were addressed to them were with regards to the rural water supply.

“It was good for both WAF and the villagers because we were able to offer direction to customers and at the same time create the confidence about opportunities available to effectively reduce poverty.”

Nagalu said rural projects are still underway but programs such as this serves as a growing links with these rural areas will enable WAF to be actively involved with the wider rural population.

The three day awareness programme ended yesterday.


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