Caption: A member of the Vatureba Youth Club of Yalobi village garlands Hon Mr Laisenia Tuitubou last Thursday.Photo:SUPPLIED.

The Hon. Minister for Youth and Sports Laisenia Tuitubou has urged young people in the Yasawa group to work together and form a club for the employed and unemployed. 

“I have noticed that some youths have secured employment in the resorts in Yasawa while most youths are left out and remain in the villages without employment,” Minister Tuitubou said.

“I would like to encourage employed youths to work collectively with their unemployed counterparts to create programs and activities that will benefit the whole community,” he said.

“While you need to work individually for your personal benefit, I would like to encourage the power of collective efforts which our fore-fathers were known for so it may harness development in your communities.”

The Minister highlighted that forming a youth club and getting registered with the Ministry will help them secure future assistance from Government.

Meanwhile, permanent secretary for Youth and Sports Mr Josefa Sania, in a meeting with the youths of Matacawalevu, Yalobi, Namara and Waya Levu villages said that Government through the Ministry of Education wishes to introduce vocational training in Yasawa Secondary School this year.

“Government wishes to introduce vocational training in Yasawa this year and I urge youths to apply for the hospitality trainings,” Mr Sania said.

“Most youths are not properly trained in this area and since it is thriving in the Yasawas, it is only right that you are trained to help you secure employment not only in Yasawa but in other parts of Fiji,” he said.

The Ministry of Youth during its tour last week visited seven villages in the Yasawa group and met with young people from17 villages.

The same delegation will be visiting the interior of Navosa and Ra provinces on Wednesday and Thursday this week



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