Caption: Hon. Minister for Youth and Sports Laisenia Tuitubou addressing youths and villagers of the district of Ravitaki in Kadavu.Photo:SUPPLIED.

The Honorable Minister for Youth and Sports, Laisenia Tuitubou highlighted the importance of young people in the development of a society during a meeting with youth from Ravitaki and Nabukelevu district in Kadavu.

While addressing youths of nine villages from the two districts, Mr Tuitubou stated that young people were not leaders of tomorrow but of today.

“I would like to reaffirm that youths are leaders of today and not tomorrow as is commonly thought because you are the future of our country,” Mr Tuitubou

“The importance of nurturing our young generation led to the previous department that was youth and sports’ being upgraded into a ministry two years ago and this is indicative of our visit” he said.

Mr Tuitubou said the main focus behind the visitation was to gauge the effectiveness of the ministry’s services.

“We are also here as a means of bringing our services to the grassroots people and youths and also to discuss and solve pertaining issues while we are actually here with you.”

Mr Tuitubou said Government assistance was an ongoing exercise and would continue if youth projects were viable.

“Government assistance will continue if we see that your youth group is utilising the assistance well and we can act as the doorway to further assistance from other government ministries due to the success of current youth projects and income generating projects,” Mr Tuitubou said.

The Minister showed his appreciation to elders of the two districts for their  support towards youths in their community.

“I thank the elders for providing the much needed support to our youths who will become leaders of our society; they will therefore become good decision makers due to their upbringing and unwavering support,” Mr Tuitubou said.

“I therefore would like to challenge the young people to work together and also work with government for your benefit and also to listen to the advice of your elders,” he added.

Director for Youth and Sports William Naisara dvised young people to become better decision makers for the benefit of their youth clubs.

“I urge you youths to make wise decisions in order to develop your youth groups and at the same time make it sustainable,” Mr Naisara said.

Ravitaki youth club president Noa Tuiwaqa praised the delegation’s visit to Kadavu and said it was a motivational boost for youth groups on the island.

“I would like to thank the ministry for taking time out to visit us young people on the island of Kadavu and for bringing your services closer to us,” Mr Tuiwaqa said.

The ministry delegation will conclude their outreach and awareness programmes this week in the districts of Yawe and Tavuki.



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