Caption: Minister for Local Government, Housing and Environment Parveen Kumar at  the Ground breaking ceremony of the new NFA station in Labasa.Photo:SUPPLIED.

The Honorable Minister for Local Government, Housing and Environment Parveen Kumar officiated at the new National Fire Station Ground Breaking Ceremony in Savusavu on Friday January 30.

Mr Kumar said this marked a special moment for the National Fire Authority as it sees the commencement of an important development taking place in Savusavu.

“I am indeed delighted that NFA is responding to Governments Look North Policy for the enhancement of essential services and facilities to cater for the expected hike in economic development in the North,” Mr Kumar said.

He highlighted the new fire station is planned to be the main station for the Northern Division.

The Minister said NFA is being challenged to take its services closer to the communities to ensure the quick and effective delivery of its services.

“This is the beginning of many important capital development taking shape at the NFA,” Mr Kumar said.

Meanwhile more fire stations will be constructed around the country including in Seaqaqa, Korovou, Navua and Nakasi.

“This is an important project for the Hidden Paradise and government extends its sincere appreciation to our key stakeholders, the Turaga Na Tui Savusavu and his people for their partnership,” Mr Kumar said.

He added that Government continues its aim to ensure that the people of this nation are well looked after, focusing on the delivery of essential services and encouraging more people to enter into business to contribute positively to the economy.



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