Wainivula call for players

Caption: Picture of 2013 Rosy Hearts Fiji-Indo Rugby 7s tournament winning Wainivula Eels team at the USP grounds.
The winners of the 2013 Rosy Hearts Fiji-Indo Rugby 7s tournament Wainivula Eels Rugby Club is calling on interested players to join the team for the upcoming Great Eight 7s to be held on November 1-2.
After a successful outing in the one-day Fiji-Indo event Wainivula Eels have been invited by the organisers of the Great Eight 7s to compete in the tournament. This will be the next step for many of the Fijians of Indian descent who make up the Wainivula team.
The club is making an open call for iTaukei and Indo Fijian players who would like to boost the team and help form a formidable side that can compete at the high level competition.
“This is what we wanted to keep moving on to the next level and provide Fijians of Indian descent the opportunity to develop in the national sport,” said manager of Wainivula, Alvin Nair.
“We are thankful to the organisers of the Great Eight 7s for inviting us and we are going to grab this opportunity with both hands.”
Nair said Wainivula welcomes both iTaukei and Fijians of Indian descent interested to be part of the team.
“We want to field a strong team which can go and strongly compete at the Great Eight 7s and that’s why we are making an open call to any player whether iTaukei or of Indian descent to strengthen our unit.
Nair explains that forming a team with a mix of iTaukei and Indo Fijian players would be the ideal way forward to help the development and generate further interests from Fijians of Indian descent to take up the sport.
“At this stage we do not have a lot of Fijians of Indian descent who are ready to compete in the mainstream competition as we have only just begun competitions for these players.” So we are trying to work with the handful of players that we have and combine with iTaukei players to complete the team.”
Wainivula will resume team training from Monday and all interested players are welcomed to come for training at Albert Park every weekday from 5.30pm.

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