The Honorable Assistant Minister for Health & Medical Services Mrs Veena Bhatnagar addressed participants at the National Nursing Management Team Meeting today.

This meeting was the first for 2015 whereby nursing managers gathered to discuss, strategize and consolidate all divisional and institutional nursing business plan.This meeting will also formulate and finalize a National Nursing Business Plan 2015.

“It is important for nurses and nursing to ensure that your Business Plan is inclusive and covers every key result area that demands your input. Having to be the frontline implementers of most of the ministry’s initiatives, your business plan will need to be robust, measurable achievable with workable and realistic timelines. This is very important”.

“I am also happy to see that you have also included as an objective, the discussion and formulation of new directions for nursing in light of MOHMS targets per government manifesto specific to the Health Ministry”, Mrs Bhatnagar said.

The nursing managers were encouraged to update themselves on the Nursing Training Plan Continuing Professional Development Programs and Workforce Plan for 2015.

“It is very critical that this information reaches your subordinates in the very base level so that you can keep everyone on the same page”,  Mrs Bhatnagar added.

She advised participants of the feedback received during the public health consultations which highlighted issues such as attitude of nurses and communication.

The Assistant Minister for Health & Medical Services reiterated the need for nurses to change their attitude and ensure that they are more customer focused.



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