Caption:Hon. Minister for Health and Medical Service Mr Jone Usamate meets with the pharmacist in charge, Ms Emele, of Labasa Hospital.Photo:SUPPLIED.

The Ministry of Health remains committed to ensuring that eligible patients start receiving free medicine as promised by the Government.

The Honorable Minister For Health and Medical Services Jone Usamate visited the pharmacies in Labasa to ascertain the implementation of the Free Medicine Program initiated by the Government.

The Ministry has ensured that the 72 drugs identified for free distribution to the public is available in the hospital pharmacies as well as private pharmacies and are easily accessible to the people.

The Ministry of Health and Medical services wishes to remind people with the income of $20, 000 or less to register themselves to qualify to receive the drugs free.

Labasa Hospital Pharmacist Emele Lalibuli confirmed that 74 people have applied for registration and their applications have been forwarded to Health Headquarters for verification process.

Meanwhile, people can obtain the application forms from health facilities and submit the completed forms to their nearest health facility.



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