The launch of a new Corporate Plan will commit the Fijian Government to continue to implement programs that empowers disadvantaged Fijians such as women, children, the elderly and those living with disabilities.

This morning the Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation launched its Annual Corporate Plan for this year with renewed commitment to ensure that ordinary Fijians have access to socio-economic services. The Minister for Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation Hon Rosy Akbar highlighted the importance of this document to Government’s vision of empowering and assisting ordinary Fijians.

The Minister said the Annual Corporate Plan outlines the Ministry’s strategies to achieve its new vision of “Empowering the Women, Children and the Disadvantaged”.  “This moment is very special as it is the very first ACP for me as the new Minister of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation. It is also the very first when the Poverty Monitoring Unit (that was formerly at Prime Minister’s Office) became part of my Ministry.

“There are plans and policies that have been designed to primarily “Reduce Poverty to a Negligible Level”.  This year the Ministry will strengthen its relationship with Faith Based Organisations and Non-Governmental Organisations to see that strategies implemented are secured and targets set in this Annual Corporate Plan are achieved,” Minister Akbar said.

She said the movement of the Poverty Monitoring Unit to the Ministry will also enable a thorough coordination and evaluation of government’s Poverty Alleviation Programs.

“The key priority for the Ministry will be the implementation and strengthening of its existing Income Generating Projects like Women Resource Centers. The aim is to expand employment opportunities in formal sectors and generate successful pathways for employment.

“The plan in dealing with social issues and addressing poverty is to create solutions to tackle the root determinants. More so the target clientele must walk with us till they are ready to stand strongly on their own. It is more than a mere downloading of ideas but a walk to foster life changing habits in them,” Minister Akbar emphasised.



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