The Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts Dr Mahendra Reddy and his Ministry’s delegation had held  the North School Leaders Reforms Workshop on Friday February 20 at the Labasa Civic Centre.

Minister Reddy highlighted this as he attended the Labasa Sangam SKM College and Labasa College Prefects Induction in Labasa  on different occasions.

“A number of reforms are being undertaken by the Ministry to ensure that you get quality education and students’ performance improve and school teachers are doing what they are supposed to do and not do things which is outside their core business,” Minister Reddy said.

He said a number of reforms to deal with are the core of teaching and learning. “We are holding a reform workshop to inform all school heads of what we are doing in terms of educational reforms this year which will have an impact on the quality of delivery and quality of the qualification you get.”

“Students must understand and must know, no longer will their marks be adjusted, and no more of scaling and your true potential will be seen by those in the labor market or the universities”. The Minister said that this way, parents will truly know the performance of their child so they can work with their children.

At the prefects’ induction ceremony, the Minister highlighted the importance of leadership in the education sector. As he spoke to the newly inducted prefects, the Minister said that as leaders, their role is important to the school.

“Not only that but you are also ambassadors outside the schools, you have to look after your fellow colleagues on how they conduct themselves and behave in and outside the school.”

“Students leaders will be differentiating themselves as they are being badged as prefects and they must be vigilant about the students and ensure your colleagues are looked after and counseled.”






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