Horror moment gender reveal party turns deadly as plane nosedives and crashes killing pilot Luis Angel N. in front of cheering guests.


PHOTO: IndiaTimes.

gender reveal party turned deadly after a small plane nosedived and killed the pilot in front of cheering guests – who were oblivious to the tragedy that unfolded above their heads. 

The happy couple were celebrating their pregnancy with family and friends in Sinaloa, Mexico, and hired a small jet to fly past and dump either pink or blue colored powder to indicate the gender of their baby.

As the plane approached the mom and dad-to-be, who were standing next to an ‘Oh baby’ sign, it released pink smoke from its fuselage – indicating they would be having a daughter.

Shrills and cheers of joy erupted as the loved-up couple kissed beneath the pink residue on September 2. 

But in the same moment, the Piper PA-25-235 Pawnee aircraft suddenly shot upwards, rotating on its side as one of its wings collapsed mid-air.


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