”Sound of Freedom”: Film review.


The Sound of Freedom Poster.

‘’ God’s children are not for sale’’- these are the words stuck with many people around the world as they step out the cinema after watching sound of freedom. Inspired by a true story, the movie has a sole theme of child trafficking written all around it. The movie stars Jim Caviezel who is a former US government agent that rescues a bunch of underage children from sex traffickers in Columbia. The movie had been made 5 years ago but could not be released due to some issues with the production house. Jim plays a role of homeland security that arrests child predators that may be possessing child pornography materials. Once doing so, Chris, another colleague of Tim’s points out that even though they have arrested many predators yet they still have not saved a single child from being sexually exploited. Tim gets stuck with Chris’s words as it is true. Tim proceeds to talk to a trafficker, pretending he is a pedophile as well and earns his trust, where he then finds out about a little boy name Miguel.

Miguel is saved by Tim, who then befriends him and asks him for information that will enable him to locate the other kids. Miguel informs Tim that his sister Rocío is still missing and begs him to find her. Miguel offers Tim his sister’s Saint Timothy necklace before Tim arranges for him to go back to Roberto his dad. Tim starts seeking for Rocío, which causes him to end up in Cartagena, Colombia. Vampiro, a former cartel accountant who now fights to protect children from sex trafficking, is a person he meets.

After learning about a sex hotel that had recently been shut down in Thailand, Tim thinks of setting up one in Columbia where he could lure in a lot of these traffickers in the hopes that maybe one of them would lead him to Rocío and so he plans a sting operation. Tim’s quest is assisted by Paul, a wealthy citizen, and Jorge, a police officer from Colombia. Frost, Tim’s HSI boss, tells him to go back to the United States since he can’t afford to pay the operation. Tim decides to quit his job rather than give up on finding Rocío.

Executing the sting operation was a success unfortunately Rocío was not among the kids that were brought by the traffickers onto the island. After interrogating the traffickers, the team finds out that Rocío was sold to an armed force deep into the Amazon natural region. Getting into the region is tricky as there is no map for it and it is also a no fly zone for the Columbian government over any rebel territory. However, a suggestion is made that only medical teams and doctors could go addressing health related issues for the people inside that do not have access to medical facilities.

Tim disguises himself as a Doctor giving vaccines to people but is left to go all alone into the territory as not more than one is allowed access. Tim is able to locate Rocío but learns a very truth of Rocío being a personal sex slave to the rebel leader and along with others is required to mash coca leaves to produce cocaine which funds the rebel war against the Colombian government. Tim ends up killing the rebel leader and fighting the other members of the group but is able to bring Rocío to freedom. Before parting, Tim gives back Rocío the necklace that Miguel had once given him, Rocío is finally reunited with her father and brother.

BY: Shaniyah Khan

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