Kadavu village celebrates return of safe water supply


Caption:WAF Project workers Asesela Nasea (front) and Waisea Dakuwai (obscured) laying a section of the 7kms of pipe that brings water to Nabukelevuira.Photo: SUPPLIED.

After more than ten years of struggling with an intermittent supply, residents of Nabukelevuira Village on the island of Kadavu are celebrating the return of a reliable, safe water supply.

In thanking Government and the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) on behalf of his 400-strong community, headman Maikeli Tuitubou, 43, said that WAF engineers had upgraded the existing dam and installed a new water tank, together with new pipes and fittings.

Mr Tuitubou said that prior to the completion of this valuable work, householders had been forced to collect water from potentially unsafe sources as the original infrastructure, through age and neglect, was no longer up to the task of supplying water to those sections of the village located at a higher elevation.

He said that as well as the benefits for Nabukelevuira, the upgraded water supply meant that the 87 children attending the village school now have easy access to a supply of safe drinking water.

“We are all very grateful. Now, all households, including those located in high areas, can have piped water anytime, and so can our children whether at home or at school,” said Mr Tuitubou

The Nabukelevuira Village Water Committee has been established and is responsible for monitoring the new system’s performance and condition, to ensure its ongoing reliability.




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